Brain Flakes Shield Instructions | Printable Step by Step PDF that Builds a Wearable Shield!

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Product Description

We're extremely excited to announce our step-by-step Brain Flakes® instructions for a wearable shield! They will develop childrens' and adults' spatial and engineering skills while keeping them focused, away from screens (instructions are printable!), and quiet, so moms, dads, and teachers can work on other stuff! When they finish building their crown they will feel enormous pride in what they have built. Brain Flakes® are not just about building capability, but confidence also! Check out our other step by step instructions to get an idea of what these are like.

Product Details

  • Prints on 8.5" x 11" paper

  • Requires 208 pieces (25 light blue, 35 dark blue, 51 red, 61 white, 30 yellow, 6 brown) but you can use any colors you want to make it your own! 1 Brain Flakes® 2500+ Piece Build 'n' Build Kit is enough to build the shield as shown in the tutorial!

  • Takes 20 to 25 minutes to build

  • The instructions come in a 13 page full-color PDF file, and can be used digitally or can be printed out as physical task cards!

  • Once your order is placed you will be provided a confirmation email that features a link to download your instructions!


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