VIAHART is seeking a data, inventory, and financial analyst

6th Mar 2015

Introducing VIAHART | Awesome Products. Amazing Prices.

VIAHART is a vertically integrated e-commerce company, which focuses on offering excellent quality products at world-beating prices. Think of us as the Kirkland Signature/Trader Joe's of the internet for consumer durables. We have a pair of small offices, one in Queens, NY and one in Suzhou, China. Our warehouse is in East Rutherford, NJ. Our company's mission is to leverage our manufacturing and sourcing prowess in combination with operational efficiency to significantly improve upon the commerce of consumer durables in the United States.

Every day, our company's inventory management systems, sales channels, websites, and accounting software generate tons of data. In order for us to optimize our business and deliver maximal value to our customers, we need to be analyzing and then acting upon this data, religiously. As such, we are seeking a top shelf data analyst to build a better future for the company and serve our customers. 

Principal Job Responsibilities:

  1. Analysis of data generated by our Amazon sales channel
  2. Analysis of Adwords CPC and conversion data
  3. Analysis of Youtube Analytics data
  4. Analysis of Google Analytics data for SEO, conversion, and website UX optimization
  5. Analysis of e-mail marketing efficacy
  6. Analysis of accounting software data (expenses, sales, etc.)
  7. Inventory analysis and projection
  8. Analysis and optimization of logistics
  9. Analysis and optimization of cost of goods sold
  10. Management of outsourced bookkeeping personnel
  11. Creation of actionnable plans based on the above data analysis

Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate

  1. Superlative numeracy
  2. Proficiency with Excel or equivalent software programs. Knowledge of SQL would be a plus, but is not a requirement at this time
  3. At least 2 years of work experience
  4. Integrity
  5. Intelligence
  6. Energy

Job Location

36-27 36th St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 11106


Negotiable combination of salary and equity vesting over time

How to apply for this position

Send your resume along with a brief note about why you're interested in this position to careers at viahart period com