VIAHART is seeking a VP of marketing and brand management

22nd Mar 2015

Introducing VIAHART | Awesome Products. Amazing Prices.

VIAHART is a vertically integrated e-commerce company, which focuses on offering excellent quality products at truly second-to-none prices. Think of us as the Kirkland Signature/Trader Joe's of the internet for consumer durables. We have a pair of small offices, one in Queens, NY and one in Suzhou, China. Our warehouse is in East Rutherford, NJ. Our company's mission is to leverage our manufacturing and sourcing prowess in combination with operational efficiency to significantly change commerce in the United States.

As of March 22nd, 2015 we manufacture over 100 different products. Some of these products are totally new and innovative, some are standard commodities, and some are giant tiger backpacks, but all of them tell a story. We're looking for an A+ brand and marketing VP to tell those stories and deliver our message of value to our customers.

Principal Job Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze our products to determine which blog and press outlets are suitable for their promotion. Once an appropriate press strategy is developed you will be expected to convince said promotion targets to run stories on said product.
  2. We want the shopping experience of our customers to be as easy and informationally rich as possible. VIAHART product summary videos are a part of that. You will be expected to distill our products into a tidy list of key points which can be explained over video for promotion on Youtube and Facebook. We'd like you to be the presenter of these videos.
  3. You will use your keen understanding of what our customers expect from a product to write provocative, fun, and informationally rich copy for our advertisements, website, and product packaging.
  4. Develop brand and marketing strategies for key products and our overall brand ("Awesome Products. Amazing Prices.")
  5. Judiciously manage our social media presences on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
  6. Give input on product and packaging design.
  7. Customer research to improve product quality and design (gleaning important points from reviews, for example).

Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate

  1. Excellent numeracy | In order to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns you design and implement, you will need to be able to work with and derive meaning from the data we collect on their efficacy.
  2. Proficiency with Excel and equivalent software programs (we use Google Docs). 
  3. A stage presence and dynamism that comes across over video.
  4. A keen interest for what America's consumers really want and need from the products they buy. Whether it's a mom buying a toy for their 6 year old, a 22 year old comicon-attending tiger backpack buyer, or a 65 year old asian woman buying tea, you need to drill down to what the customer really wants and needs from us and at what price.
  5. At least 2 years of work experience
  6. Integrity
  7. Intelligence
  8. Energy

Job Location

36-27 36th St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 11106


Negotiable combination of salary and equity vesting over time


VIAHART will start interviewing and will make its hiring decision in May 2015.

How to apply for this position

Send your resume along with a brief note about why you're interested in this position to careers at viahart period com