VIAHART LLC's Intellectual Property

21st May 2019

We vigorously enforce our intellectual property. 

Original posting of this blog post was 2019/05/21. Some of our IP was used well before then.

We are the owners of the following registered trademarks, including but not limited to:

Brain Flakes®

Additionally, we claim the following to be registered trademarks, including but not limited to:

Tiger Tale Toys™

Engineers Start Here™

Rubber Road™




Mighty Molecules™

The World's Easiest Racquet Game™
Awesome Products. Amazing Prices™

Further, we are owner of multiple registered copyrights associated with the Brain Flakes® brand of construction toys. Finally we are also the owner of certain provisional patents.

2019/08/26 Update: 
Braingineers™, Mr. Brain Flakes™ (and its associated logo, design, and poses) are trademarks of VIAHART LLC.

2020/04/13 Update: Brain Folks™ is a trademark of VIAHART LLC