​Work from Home | Customer Service, Executive Assistant, Administrative, and Much More

26th Jul 2016

Work from Home | Customer Service, Executive Assistant, Administrative, and Much More

VIAHART is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of toys and games. We make brands like Brain Flakes, Goodminton, Tiger Tale Toys, Matami, and YAY Toys (Check us out: http://www.amazon.com/shops/viahart)! We used to mostly sell to retail stores, but these days most of our sales come online. We have three people (two in China and one in the USA) and we’re looking for our fourth!

  1. Tasks (in no particular order)
    1. Customer service | 99% of it is done by e-mail. Hardly anyis done over the phone. You will be in charge of customer service for our whole company.
    2. Tasks like… | “Can you please call [FedEx, the IRS, the Secretary of State, the customs broker, the trucking company, etc.] and make sure [the package will arrive, that we’re doing this tax thing right, that we need to pay that thing, that there are no customs exams, that the pallets will be picked up]” or “Can you please research this topic and come back to me with a list of...that fit these requirements? Can you then rank them on an excel spreadsheet so that we can make a decision?”
    3. Vendor Relationship Management | We have warehousing and fulfillment vendors in LA and Pennsylvania. You will periodically need to contact them about various things from whether we have enough box stock to whether they sent us the correct invoice. We do a ton of business with Amazon and from time to time you will need to contact them “about the way our pages are set up” or “what happened to that particular shipment”
    4. Marketing | We periodically send out marketing E-mails soliciting reviews for our new products. We may do some social media stuff in the future, but we’re not currently doing any.
    5. Independent Contractor Management | We hire designers to design our packaging and various other things. Oftentimes they’re overseas. You will manage their work and make sure it’s done right. For example, we might contract a video editor. Your job would be to send him the files, tell him what we need, check that he does it and then upload the videos yourself to youtube, where you’ll give them proper titles and descriptions.
    6. Other Administrative Work | “Can you pay…” “Can you do this data entry” (we try to do as little data entry as possible, but it does happen from time to time) “Can you do this thing that you or I have never done before, but we should try?”
  2. Requirements
    1. Fast internet and your own computer is needed (it’s a work from home position)
    2. You need to have good problem solving skills.
    3. You need to be empathetic and understand other people.
    4. Good and clear spoken English.
    5. Good and clear written communication.
    6. You don’t need to be a mathematician, but you need to be able to do some math from time to time.
    7. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Skills (we use google spreadsheets, by the way).
    8. You need to feel comfortable with learning new things. We’re a small company so that means work will change from week to week somewhat regularly.
    9. Good computer and google skills.
    10. You need to have integrity and need to be a straightforward honest person. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to low-integrity behavior.
  3. Other info!
    1. Salary is negotiable, our ceiling is $15/hour. We have a cash bonus program that you can participate in after spending some time working with us.
    2. Work is part-time, from home. Hours are flexible, but you need to be available most of the time during USA working hours.
    3. Company culture is all about continuous improvement. We’re going to be improving everything we do constantly. “How can we make this faster, easier, cheaper, better for the customer? For us?” Company is pretty open with its information and the management (who is writing this) listens.